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Business Strategy and Benchmarking
Customer Prioritisation Studies
  • Competitive analysis of the satellite market

  • Evaluation of the business plan 

  • Identifying new opportunities for space and defence businesses and partnerships

  • Market research, analysis, and forecasting of the satellite market

  • Developing and designing the survey questionnaire for the target customers

  • Conducting interviews with the target customers as per the client's needs

  • Risk analysis of the business relationship

  • Analysis of the survey and detail insights into the business sphere of the customer

Services for Start-Ups and SMEs
Media & Communication Services
  • Consulting on procurement of the satellite system (RFP/RFI) and the evaluation of proposals

  • Critical analysis of the commercial strategy for the initial business model

  • Business case preparation with a full report on regional supply and demand of the services

  • Developing monthly market research reports with detail insights into the regional space technology markets

  • Content development for website, blog, newsletter and product brochure

  • Technical content development for hardware and software products

  • Social media marketing and on-demand media promotion

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