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Omkar Nikam is an independent space & satellite consultant based in Strasbourg, France. He has a collective seven years of experience in business journalism and technology consulting. As an expert in the European satellite market, he holds a European region correspondent position for Satellite Markets & Research, USA. Omkar specializes in providing research, analysis, and consulting services for several upstream and downstream space/satellite companies. He is well-known for his international publications in the European space & defence industry and regularly writes thought leadership piece for Satellite Markets & Research, USA, ViaSatellite, SatelliteME PRO, etc. and several other international magazines.

For over a decade, Omkar has worked with international space and satellite companies across Europe, North America, and South Asia. Having a well-rounded experience in research, analysis, and cross-functional expertise across several industrial verticals, Omkar utilises his expertise to help space & satellite businesses to amplify commercial opportunities on a global scale.

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Address: 1 Rue Eugenie Brazier,

Illkirch-Graffenstaden, Strasbourg 67400

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